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As of the year 2013 I'm 28 years old, still addicted to Japan and Arashi, wishing every Monday that it will be end of the week soon, so that I can get my needed dose of Arashi-awesomeness. My Ichiban is Ohno-kun, but Sho-chan is only a little away on second, that's why, as you can already guess: Yama-Pair is the best!!!
Despite Arashi, I also like KAT-TUN and other J-Pop/Rock-artists like GACKT/YFC, Flumpool, Spitz, GReeN, ELT etc. I also like figure skater Takahashi Daisuke (He is some skater, just amazing, love watching him), Ramen and Okonomiyaki, Cherry-Blossoms, my poor and repeated attempts to learn japanese, dogs and horses, books and lots more! If you want to add me, feel free, I always like to get to know new people, my Journal isn't very productive, but it's also not as if I won't ever update it again LOL.
So, どうぞよろしく。^_^

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arashi, dancing, figure-skating, j-pop, japan, johnny's, reading, riding, sleeping, takahashi daisuke
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